Sunday, August 1, 2010

What is India's biggest problem?

62 years of independence India's image has definitely changed. India's tremendous progress in all areas and improved its image is formed on the map. Is the field of science, business, sports or any other, country flags in all sectors are buried. Yet the average Indian poverty, misery, trouble is living life. He has to wander in search of peace.

Corruption has entered deep down in our system. Anywhere, to be honest if any work is surprising. The sheer lack of agility in the system. One is that red tape and Latletifi. System 62 years old like a sloth, Latletifi is working.

It has also recently people who, like the position he has accepted. People do not bother to take the vote. Shake his belief system, they separated themselves from the system seem to try to walk. What should I do? Who will listen to me? They are put under the guise of questions, such as silence. There are many examples that people are awake while the system is changed. The biggest problem in this country then what is the slowness of the public? Or corruption is the root of many diseases? Or Latletifi the whole game has spoiled? After all, India's biggest problem is?


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