Thursday, May 12, 2011

Configure & Install PPPoE Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem Router

Bsnl Broadband service are offered to users who have subscribed for their landline phone and you will need to rent/buy a adsl modem in order to get started using this high speed internet connection. Here is a small tutorial on getting started installing this modem.
Connect the modem with the landline phone and the other end to your computer’s CPU/laptop. This would give you a dialog box with a message saying new hardware found, you need to install all the drivers from the installation CD provided in the modem box.                                         
Next open your browser and enter in the address bar and press enter where in you will give asked for the logins to the modem in a dialog box, enter ‘admin’ ‘admin’ as the login credentials and you will be logged into the modem. Make sure you enter both the logins in small letters because the logins are case sensitive.
Go to the Advanced setup menu and click on the WAN button.
Click on the add button to create a configuration.
Enter the VPI & VCI values provides by your ISP ie bsnl broadband authorities which generally are 0 & 35 respectively.
Select the connection type as PPPoE and click on the next button.
Enter the PPPoE username & password which every bsnl broadband users are given via phone and click on next to save the configuration and you are done setting up the bsnl ADSL2+ super speed land line broadband internet connection.
Generally BSNL authorities offer a modem but i would recommend you guys to use a modem from Dlink because its far more better in terms of stable connection and speedy connectivity. Dont forget to try out getting a free modem from bsnl by using their 8Mbps internet connection
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