Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Orkut attacked by 'Bom Sabado' worm

 “Bom Sabado” seems to be the Last Nail in the Coffin for Orkut. It is the second major XSS (cross-site scripting) attack on Orkut this week. Orkut is flooded with “Bom Sabado” scraps. The word "Bom Sabado" means "Good Saturday" in Portuguese, which is the also the official language of Brazil, one of the last remaining Orkut bastions in the world.

The worm seems to be posting scraps with the text "Bom Sabado" and also adding affected users to new Orkut groups. Such XSS attacks have targeted Orkut in the past too.
Experts have advised users to avoid logging on to Orkut till Orkut engineers fix the hole and also not to click on any suspicious links. Orkut had just last month announced new updates to the website.

Earlier this week, the popular microblogging website Twitter was also at the receiving end of an XSS exploit. The attack, which emerged and was shut down within hours Tuesday morning, involved a XSS flaw that allowed users to run JavaScript programs on other computers.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dell plans to get into Internet TV devices

 Dell is in plans to develop devices beyond PCs which would stream Internet content to regular television sets but the company is yet to make an official announcement for its product after studying the market opportunity. 

The company will also consider the Google TV platform which merges broadcast TV and Internet into one interface. Apart from this, Dell will also follow Apple and Roku which offers a digital video player that streams content from the internet to the television, reports Agam Shah of IDG News.Samsung and Sony also have similar plans of using the Internet to stream movies and TV shows. "The company is evaluating new devices from set-top box makers and original design manufacturers (ODMs) that could seamlessly bring Internet content to TVs," said Chris Camilletti, Desktop Product Manager at Dell.

Dell is following companies like Apple, which makes the Apple TV, and Roku, which offers a digital video player that streams content from the Internet to TVs. A number of TV companies such as Samsung and Sony also have their eyes set on using the Internet to stream movies and TV shows.

The launch of Inspiron Zino HD desktop by the company, will help in bringing Internet movies to high-definition TVs. "The Zino HD is an entry point to make consumers aware of the capability to play streaming movies on TVs," Camilletti added. The device comes with a wireless keyboard and remote control that can switch between the PC and TV. 
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97 percent of Indians will own a cellphone by 2014

 With number of cellphone makers and network providers growing by the day in India, it is only a natural thing that more and more Indians will own a cellphone. Now this thought is backed by a survey.

According to market research firm iSuppli, the wireless subscriptions in India are expected to be more than 97 percent in the 1.26 billion population. The first four months of 2010 alone witnessed an addition of 19 million new subscribers. In fact, by end of this year, the total wireless subscriptions are projected to reach 766.0 million. This is an increase of 49.5 percent from 2009?s subscriber count of 525.1 million.iSuppli forecasts show that this pace will be continuing in the future as well. It adds that the number of subscribers will increase in the next four years and will touch the 1 billion mark by 2012. By 2014, mobile teledensity - a measure of cell phone availability - likely will reach 97.4 percent per 100 persons.

"Such high mobile teledensity means that almost everyone - except children and the abjectly poor - will have a cell phone in India, with those having multiple mobiles boosting total subscription rates and compensating for those without," said Jagdish Rebello, Ph.D., Senior Director and Principal Analyst for Wireless Research at iSuppli.

The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for mobile handsets in India will reach 18.6 percent from 2009 to 2014.  
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A kitty-bag must-have!

We love our portable media players and flashy smartphones, but all these fancy gadgets just about turn into nothing but overpriced paperweights every time they run out of battery. Low battery life is the bane of all portable gadgets and given the fact that being mobile has becomes such an integral part of everyone's life, the Gum Plus is a must-have. Gum Plus is a Red Dot Award winner for its design and is certified to work with the iPod and the iPhone.


Encased in a pseudo-aluminium casing, this portable power pack is a design wonder. Simple, aesthetic, and tiny enough to slip in your pocket, it delivers juice when you need it the most – on the go.
Taking minimalism to a new level, all it has is a mini-USB port on one side to charge it, a regular USB port on the other for power output, and an On/Off toggle switch on top along with five blinking LEDs to indicate battery status.
It comes with a USB charging cable, another one to charge your iPhone or iPod, and a micro fibre pouch to carry it. Just charge it via USB and carry it along.
It can charge not only your iPhone and iPod, but any other device that can be charged via USB. This includes most smartphones and Mp3 players available today – all you need is the USB cable that works with your device.


When you need to charge, just switch it on and connect the cable – you can charge while travelling in the bus or train, inside your bag, even use your device while it's being charged.
With a 4400 mAh battery inside, Gum Plus outputs 1000 mAh of power to charge your baby in a jiffy.
The iPhone can be charged up to 90 per cent capacity in just an hour, and a fully-charged Gum Plus can recharge your iPhone for up to four times before it puts its legs up and dies. If you keep running out of juice on your phone or music player while travelling, you need this. Period.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Facebook launches location-aware service ‘Places’

 Social networking website Facebook has launched a new service called ‘Places’ which allows users to share their location with their friends. The service, which has prompted security fears, also tells users which of their friends are at the same place or if they have ever “checked in” there before.

The new feature went live in Britain yesterday after its launch in the US last month. It is one of a new raft of social networking services that use the GPS function on many smartphones to work out exactly where a person is at any point, the Daily Mail reported.The application, which works like popular location—based social networking site Foursquare, asks a user to click on the “Check In” button after logging into the website.

Once you click on the option, it displays a list of possible locations near where they are. When the users selects one of the options, it allows their friends to know about their location.The service also lists nearby businesses and attractions, and Facebook will target the locations it lists to each Places user.

“Facebook is a place to share information with people you know,” said Facebook product manager Michael Sharon. “We saw people were already using the site to tell people where they are, so the natural thing was to build a product to make this easier. This just formalises what people were doing anyway.”

Facebook, which has come under fire over its attitude towards privacy in the past, has installed a set of stringent new rules for its Places application. Unlike other “always on” services, this application is optional and a user’s location is not stored unless they check in or accept a tag from a friend. Check—ins are defaulted to friends—only rather than everyone on Facebook.

In the “People Here Now” section users can see others who are checked in with you at that place. This section is visible for a limited amount of time and only to people who are checked in there, the website said.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Live streaming debuts on YouTube

YouTube is making its long expected foray into live streaming by launching an experimental trial with four new media partners. The new live streaming platform will be previewed in a two-day trial beginning Monday, but is expected to later grow considerably across the Google Inc-owned website. 

Four YouTube partners will participate: the celebrity-focused Young Hollywood; the online television outlet Next New Networks; the how-to guide Howcast; and Rocketboom, the Internet culture vlog. For the last two years, YouTube has offered numerous events live, including a U2 concert, cricket matches in India and President Barack Obama's first State of the Union address.

 But for all of those events, YouTube relied on third-party technology to enable the live webcasts.  YouTube, though, is far from the first company to step into the streaming video space. Startups such as Ustream.tv, Justin.tv and Livestream have already established themselves. 

Ustream is the current leader in live video, with 3.2 million unique viewers in July. But Google video sites, which are primarily driven by YouTube, drew 143.2 million unique visitors in July, according to ComScore.

"Any time you can bring your viewers into a broadcast _ like making a shout-out to someone who left a comment _ the audience really gets excited about that, on YouTube in particular," said D'Emilio. "It breaks down any kind of wall between the people on camera and the people who are watching."
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Use Windows With “ Your Brands Name”

Let's Do Some funny hacks....
Wants to use your own window. Let follow these following step and make window with your name.

Open notepad paste the following lines into it and save it with the name OEMINFO.INI in the  c:\windows\system32 directory:
Manufacturer=Your Name Here
Model=Your Model Here
[Support Information]
Line1=Your Name Here
Line2=Your Address Here
Line3=Your Email Address Here


1. Save the file.

2. Then make a right click on my computer select properties, in the general tab a button will be highlighted (support information) make a click on it, you will be able to see the changes.

3. Now if you want to display some more information then simply increase the line in the file.

ex: Line4=Your Company name here.....  and many other things....
Enjoy & visit regularly http://ittechresearch.blogspot.com
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Make A Autorun File For Your CD

Did You Notice, whenever You Insert any game 0r software CD, or simply consider Windows Xp Operating system CD. As soon as You Insert the disk in CD-ROM, It automatically runs the CD.

If you want to make a autorun file for that CD , Just follow these steps below.....

1) Open Notepad
2) Write here :  [autorun]
                                                           Now save it with the name autorun.inf

But remember! The "Setup_filename.EXE" MUST be replaced with the name of the setup file. And you also need to rember that it is not all of the setup files there are called '.exe but some are called '.msi

3) Now burn your CD with the autorun .inf file included.

4) Now set the CD in you CD drive and wait for the autorun to begin or if nothing happens just double-click on the CD drive in "This Computer"
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Increase Your Acrobat Reader Speed

Adobe Acrobat reader always consumes more memory when it starts. The reason behind is, it loads all the plugins, even the plugins that you do not use. This trick is to remove all the plugins from the plugins directory to elsewhere. Hence, whenever you open Acrobat reader it directly opens the files without loading any plugins and the speed is just like Notepad.

1. Go to the installation folder of acrobat reader
(C:\program files\adobe\acrobat\reader\plug_ins)

2. Move all the files and folders from the "plugins" directory to the "Optional" directory. Just cut and paste do not copy them.
Also make sure that acrobat reader is not open else it will lock the files and not allow you to move the files).

Now your acrobat reader will load very fast and almost as good as notepad.
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