Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A kitty-bag must-have!

We love our portable media players and flashy smartphones, but all these fancy gadgets just about turn into nothing but overpriced paperweights every time they run out of battery. Low battery life is the bane of all portable gadgets and given the fact that being mobile has becomes such an integral part of everyone's life, the Gum Plus is a must-have. Gum Plus is a Red Dot Award winner for its design and is certified to work with the iPod and the iPhone.


Encased in a pseudo-aluminium casing, this portable power pack is a design wonder. Simple, aesthetic, and tiny enough to slip in your pocket, it delivers juice when you need it the most – on the go.
Taking minimalism to a new level, all it has is a mini-USB port on one side to charge it, a regular USB port on the other for power output, and an On/Off toggle switch on top along with five blinking LEDs to indicate battery status.
It comes with a USB charging cable, another one to charge your iPhone or iPod, and a micro fibre pouch to carry it. Just charge it via USB and carry it along.
It can charge not only your iPhone and iPod, but any other device that can be charged via USB. This includes most smartphones and Mp3 players available today – all you need is the USB cable that works with your device.


When you need to charge, just switch it on and connect the cable – you can charge while travelling in the bus or train, inside your bag, even use your device while it's being charged.
With a 4400 mAh battery inside, Gum Plus outputs 1000 mAh of power to charge your baby in a jiffy.
The iPhone can be charged up to 90 per cent capacity in just an hour, and a fully-charged Gum Plus can recharge your iPhone for up to four times before it puts its legs up and dies. If you keep running out of juice on your phone or music player while travelling, you need this. Period.


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