Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beware your 'computer' is in danger

According to a new report every month 10 percent are victims of computer viruses but does not it all yourself.Thousands across the globe are engaged in the crime, cyber criminal, day and night.

With the intention of stealing people's data, these criminals put on computers that cyber crime is called robbery. The Cyber Kariminaloan the tools that are designed for the personal computers (PCs) are attacked. They steal data from there and then sell it.

Den of the former Soviet Union Cyber Kariminaloan Ukran independent country. From there they keep on attacking computers around the world and the virus load.

In the past two months, a quarter million computers have been attacked. Of these 12 million were victims of computer viruses. Most attacks Janene credit card number or insurance number were to learn. Better to avoid these attacks you make in your computer anti-virus system.


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