Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top 12 technology CEOs of World

Gone are days when teens used to say “I want to become doctor, Engineer or IAS officer”. Now if you ask any teen what is his ambition ? He will say, I want to become CEO of a big multinational company. So why CEO’s post has become hot favorite ? Actually, a chief executive officer (CEO) or chief executive is the highest-ranking corporate officer or you can say administrator in charge of whole management of a company who directly reports to the board of directors.                                                         
                                                      CEO is a very important post for any company. In other words, CEO is the most powerful person in the company after board of directors. Many times I have wondered a CEO makes how much money ? The job of a CEO is very complex. As the business grows, more challenging it will be for the CEO’s to make any decisions and manage it, and with more challenges, the salaries and other opportunities will easily grow.
Recently, Forbes has compiled the list of Top CEOs of world by calculating the overall compensation for the past year for executives, factoring in salary, cash bonuses, vested stock grants, stock gains and exercised stock options. From that huge list, these are the top 12 technology CEOs of World with their company and annual compensation.
1.                   Larry Ellison, Oracle: $192.9 million
2.                   Nabeeb Gareel, MEMC Electronic Materials: $79.6 million
3.                   John Chambers, Cisco: $54.8 million
4.                   Mark Hurd, HP: $27.6 million
5.                   Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA: $24.6 million
6.                   Samual Palmisano, IBM: $24.3 million
7.                   Wendell Weeks, Corning: $22.6 million
8.                   Joseph Tucci, EMC: $20 million
9.                   William Sullivan, Agilent: $ 17.4 million
10.                Paul Otellini, Intel: $16.3 million
11.                Steve Jobs, Apple: $14.6 million
12.                Jonathan Schwartz, Sun: $13.5 million
Reaching the top is not very difficult, but staying on the top for long period of time is a tough job, since after the peak it’s only the downfall, else you aim for another peak.


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