Friday, June 25, 2010

How Do Uninstall Deep Freezer?

How Do Uninstall Deep Freezer If I Lost Password?..How Do Uninstall Deep Freezer If I Lost Password?.
You can uninstall deep freeze without using any programs or bootble disc to delete the driver and keys. You should be quick to do this or else failure.

1. Just goto bios setup and change the date 3 years backward from now because deep freeze doesn't exist that year save it and restart your computer. 
2. After restarting your computer press F8 to select the boot option. Select Windows Debugging mode.
3. When the welcome screen appear be ready place your finger at the CTRL + ALT + DEL or shortcut key to task manager.
4. When dekstops appear hit the three keys quickly. The windows task manager should appear when you hit CTRL +ALT + DEL.
5. Quickly kill this process DF5Serv.Exe press DEL to kill this process. If the process DF5Serv.Exe it's done.
6. Restart your computer and change the date to present date. Then boot up your computer. There you can see the deep freeze task icon mark as X means it is disable. Use deep freezeinstaller to uninstall deep freeze and install it again if you like.



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