Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MIT Media Labs Creates Invisible Mouse

Pranav Mistry at the MIT Media Lab created something cooler than the desktop laptop with the "invisible mouse".
            It uses "an infrared laser beam and infrared camera to capture hand movements and accurately translate them into computer commands". Pranav says" This is how the invisible mouse take commands. When the user moves his hand around the side of the desk within a certain area to move, the cursor on their computer will move, and mouse clicks are done by moving a finger, and then dragging by keeping that finger down."
            Mistry is not planning on mass-producing and selling this product. He does say that someone could build this device for a low price of just $20.
            So if you can get an IR camera and IR laser for that combination Price. it might not be difficult to figure out how. it works. All you need is some easy-to-read instructions.


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